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Associate Emergency Veterinarian

Bend Animal Emergency and Specialty Center
Bend, Oregon, United States
16 days ago


We could give you the typical job ad BS that you read time and time again, but we want to break the mold. We are SO over the days of reading about "competitive" benefits/wages and an unwarranted "positive team culture" written by recruiters that know nothing about the hospital. Veterinary ERs are dying and reorganizing across the country. There needs to be a change.

We want to be part of that change. We believe that treating our employees better than the "industry average" is what needs to happen for people to survive in our profession. We want to give you a GOOD REASON to be positive in the workplace, not just expect it as your baseline!

We are a pair of emergency veterinarians that are staffing an emergency and referral hospital in Central Oregon with one goal in mind: to put the experience of our employees at the forefront of how we operate. Of course we want to practice high-quality medicine and provide first-class care to our clients (we expect that you do too), but running a business with a sense of moral obligation towards our staff comes first. The same empathy given to our clients needs to be given to our employees, and we are excited to move forward with our dream.

What does that mean? It means as owners, we don't take a ridiculous profit from the hospital at the expense of our employees. We want our practice to have sustainable employment! We also love efficiency, so you can bet we will be spending time, MONEY and energy making your job as easy as possible, with the technology and tools that you WANT, not just the ones you need. Remember, we work there too!

Check out this article, released during our first month of ownership, if you want another taste of our passion towards helping our community:

Finally, we want to be as transparent as possible. See below for actual salary numbers and medical benefits.

Need to knows:

Ideally looking for someone with emergency experience or that has at least completed a 1 year internship

Will mentor those unsure about emergency procedures and surgery - WE LOVE TO TEACH

Owned and operated by 2 emergency veterinarians (we work overnights too, both trained at Dove Lewis)

25% production, 10 to 12 hr shifts, $120k - $160k/year (depends on average # of shifts). Bend is growing rapidly, we expect high producers to reach $180k within 1 to 2 years.

Base insurance plan is 100% paid for by us (PPO, $3500 deductible, for all staff) with cheap buy up options that get deductibles down to $500 for around $100/month!

Did I mention NO NON-COMPETES!! We think they are ridiculous and unwarranted, particularly for ER med. It is our job to make sure you want to continue working for us. Also no intellectual property clauses. Invent away!

We defend our employees like a momma bear WITHOUT HESITATION and have a no-tolerance policy for clients being disrespectful to staff.

We are ALL about communicating effectively with clients - we've found that the happiest clients are the ones that understand the most about their pet's care. We have numerous ideas of how to achieve this without YOU educating them, hand in hand, for 40 minutes per person/per shift.

Private doctor office with twin bed for sleeping on overnights (because that is OK)

Plans to expand specialty staff for more ER support - cardiology, ultrasonography, and surgery initially

6500 sq ft hospital w/ CT/fluoroscopy, digital radiography, IDEXX lab w/ 4500 sq ft expansion planned over the next 2 years

Cloud based EMR/treatment system so you can do records from home (if you want)

Highly trained, well paid staff with support programs for training and obtaining CVT/VTS licenses

No employee makes less than $16/hr (our CVT pay starts at $23/hr, and we still think this is low, we want to do better)

Profit sharing

LGBTQ+ and BIPOC allies

Ability to schedule multiple weeks off for extended vacations

We do not drug test for cannabis. It is legal here.

We laugh, we cuss, we joke, we try to have fun with this job as it can be soul-sucking. We love a good cat abscess or cannabis toxicity. Rarely, an enucleated globe ends up in someone's locker (in formalin... in formalin...) We hope that you will have fun too.

Who is this job for?

If you would prefer to work directly with the owner of the hospital, if you want to feel heard at work meetings, if you would prefer to not burn out after 5 years of ER med, if you value life balance, if you would like to continue to practice ER medicine for awhile, if you want to live in a beautiful area of the country with numerous options for an outdoor lifestyle, if you understand that we are not a large city and our salaries reflect that, and if you want to experience working with transparent, directed and passionate owners... then we may be a good fit for you.

Shoot us an email and let's chat!


Ability to work overnights - We all contribute

Previous ER experience or an internship

Ability to remain respectful towards staff at all times, regardless of stress level

Keeping cool under pressure

High medical standards

Job Information

  • Job ID: 58544847
  • Location:
    Bend, Oregon, United States
  • Position Title: Associate Emergency Veterinarian
  • Company Name: Bend Animal Emergency and Specialty Center
  • Industry: Critical Care,Emergency,Small Animal
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Duration: Indefinite
  • Min Education: DVM
  • Min Experience: 0-1 Year
  • Required Travel: None
  • Salary: $120,000.00 - $160,000.00 (Yearly Salary)
Healthcare / Health Services
Bend , OR , US

Small animal ER and critical care facility owned and operated by two ER doctors that work in the practice.

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